Craft Beer

Southport combines the malt flavors of Europe with the hop punch of the West Coast to create what we like to call East Coast Ales and Lagers. Since opening in 1997, we have been recognized as Connecticut’s Best Brewery/Brewpub and Beer by Connecticut Magazine and are the only Connecticut Brewery to win Best Brewey in the Northeast by Brewpub Magazine. Southport has also been the recipient of muliple Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from the Wold Beer Championships.

Blue Collar is our hard working line of Connecticut crafted beers that mirror the soul of the American worker. And just like those workers, they are known to be big, bold, and get the job done.

Brewed from earth and water, our artfully crafted Hydroponic beers touch every flavor profile while still holding true to their Belgium roots — light and refreshing to big and bold.

Whether you grab one of our big Blue Collar beers, an artfully balanced Hydroponic, or a limited seasonal release, know that they are all crafted by brewers who love to drink great beer.

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